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If you're interested in giving to Johnstown Baptist Church to help with day-to-day operations and local/global missions, please make checks payable to Johnstown Baptist Church and mail them to 450 S. Main St. Johnstown, OH 43031.

Kroger Community Rewards:

Kroger offers a community rewards program in which they will donate to Johnstown Baptist Church quarterly, based on the the dollar amount spent at their stores. If you would like to support the church:

1. Please visit:

2. Create/log in to your account

3. Select "Community Rewards"


5. Click "Enroll"

Customers must have a Kroger Rewards card to complete this process, and they are available at the Customer Service desk at Kroger. Supporting the church in this program will not take away from any coupons, rewards, or gas savings.

Thanks for your consideration!

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